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Abundance Wealth Solutions

Financial Advisor, Managing Director of Investments & Planning


For 23 years and 3 market crashes I have successfully helped clients navigate financial storms and achieve their goals and optimize their outcomes.  More than just a Financial Advisor, I actively “advocate” my clients best outcomes in planning, investing, and especially “life goals”.  By following my own advice, I too have achieved a high net worth and the life of my dreams despite coming from a poor background (by American standards).  By studying and attempting to emulate the “greats” like Carl Icahn, Ray Dalio, Stephen Schwarzman, Warren Buffet, Stanley Druckenmiller, etc (vs. following corporate and media “dogma”) I have successfully managed to mitigate client losses during Bear Markets and to achieve solid rates of return without taking on “undue risk”.  

But beyond investing and Financial planning, I also strive to help my clients achieve their “best lives” and “best outcomes” with the limited time we all have left.  My life philosphophy is “Health, Wealth, Community, & Happiness”. 

With locations in Incline Village, Reno, Zephyr Cove, and Henderson….and clients nationwide, I am ready to help you reach your full potential.